Why You Should Give Sexual Wellness as a Gift This Year

Why You Should Give Sexual Wellness as a Gift This Year

The Gift of Pleasure

The thought of giving a sex toy as a gift or even talking about self pleasure might be a bit daunting for some. There’s still a stigma behind talking about sexual wellness with those we love, but there are so many benefits to self-pleasure that go beyond an orgasm! So, whether it’s a gift for yourself, your lover, or a close friend - Give the gift of sexual wellness this year.

Benefits of Sex Toys

It’s not just about the big orgasm! Sex toys have so many other benefits that help with overall wellness that aren’t often talked about. When you gift a sex toy to a loved one (or yourself), you are also giving the gift of:

A Good Night of Sleep

Many people enjoy using sex toys to help themselves get a fabulous night of sleep! Oxytocin is released after orgasm (and during those pleasurable teases throughout!) and studies have also shown that orgasms can help lower blood pressure. Both of these attribute to a release of hormones that often make you feel sleepy, relaxed, and ready for an incredible night of sleep! There’s no surprise why you may want to curl up and take a nap after a fantastic orgasm.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Life is busy and so are our minds. Toys can be used for all-over body massages to further relax the body and prepare you for sex, or simply work out muscles. When we allow ourselves to focus on the sensations, it can rid our mind of all the busywork that likes to linger there. So, grab a powerful vibrator like the Palm Sense and work it against your muscles either solo, or with a partner.

The Palm Sense also makes for the perfect gift. It’s discreet, can be used as a relaxation device, and doesn’t look like a realistic body part - which can sometimes be overwhelming to someone who has not owned sex toys before. It can also be used by all genders anywhere on the outside of the body for both pleasure, and stress relief. The physical contact and pleasure releases oxytocin, the ‘cuddle hormone’ that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. 

Finding Their Voice

When you give a sex toy, especially to someone who may not have used one before (or doesn’t have many), you are also giving the gift of sexual exploration. A sex toy may introduce sensations or different ways to play that the person may not have known about or investigated previously.

When we take time to enjoy ourselves and introduce new sensations in the bedroom and during our self-care, we can find our voice. This makes it easier to communicate with partners about what we want and what we have found we desire. Beyond talking with partners, this can also open the conversation with trusted friends and smash some of the stigma around talking about pleasure and self pleasure. When we feel more comfortable with our body, it makes such a huge difference in all aspects of our lives.

Gifts We Recommend

Perhaps you’re ready to get a little something for yourself or someone you love - but where do you start and what sex toys make the best gifts?

Wellness Palm Sense - This all-over pleasure massager is discreet, powerful, and perfect for massage and relaxation. It’s for any gender and can easily be held between the fingers for grasp and accessibility during play.

The Avant Collection Dildos - These dildos are all body-safe and beautifully shaped. None of them are super realistic, which makes them a great gift if you are not entirely sure what preferences the giftee has. They have an array of beautiful colors and shapes meant to compliment the body and G or P spot. There’s a little something for everyone and they’re beautifully packaged.

The Limited Addiction Bullets - These beautiful bullet vibrators are colorful, powerful, and can be used by anyone. Beyond that, they are small enough to be used as a companion toy with other favorites, or packed away for travel and adventures!