Blush | Meet Our Founder

I am glad YOU’RE here.

After years of sorting through misinformation and coming across shoddily-made products, I learned that buying quality pleasure products was more difficult than it should be. There was barely any information about the materials brands were using and whether their toys were safe for the body. Patriarchy dominated, and women saw sex as an obligation rather than something they were entitled to pursue. Conventional adult stores were not female-friendly, and buying sexual wellness toys was difficult. This need inspired me to create Blush, a better way to pleasure.

In this pursuit, I sought out the most reputable suppliers and worked closely with them to source only the finest raw materials, even though they were more expensive. With BlushVibe, I want to ensure that everybody has access to body-safe products and continue to break the taboo surrounding sex toys.

My early days of entrepreneurship and coming across multiple businesswomen from different spheres made me realize that Blush needed to be more than a company that created quality pleasure products. Having honest conversations with them, I was determined to create a shift in the way people think about female pleasure and sexual health. Women need to take ownership of their pleasure, body, mind, and overall happiness. I believe that pleasure is a fundamental right and with simple sexual tools prioritizing pleasure becomes easier and more accessible. With Blush Vibe, I strive to create a safe space where YOU can have sex-positive conversations, address intimacy inclusively, share YOUR story, and most importantly, live YOUR best sex lives without being judged.