Using Condoms with Lubrication and Sex Toys

Using Condoms with Lubrication and Sex Toys

There are a great many reasons why you may choose to use a condom with additional lubrication or with sex toys! Whether you’re looking to ensure your toy is entirely clean each and every time, or sharing it with multiple partners, condoms provide an extra layer of protection and in many cases - extra sensation!

Sharing Sex Toys

It’s important to always be careful when sharing sex toys, even with our serious or long-term partners. Sharing a toy with those you are playing with is perfectly okay to do! But you always have to make sure that you are properly cleaning your sex toys before and after use. Beyond ensuring you clean the toy, you may consider using a condom. There are also many types of condoms with different sensations that add some extra fun to your masturbation or partner play. Perhaps you’re interested in some cooling or warming?

Condoms are safe to use on your sex toys and provide an extra layer of protection between bodily fluids and the toy’s direct surface material. This can make it even easier to keep the toy clean before passing it along during play, especially if you don’t want to be running to the sink in between partner switching. Please keep in mind that condoms do not prevent the passing of STIs between partners.

If you have a sex toy that you don't fully enjoy the texture of, a condom can help to smooth it out! The condom mixed with proper lubrication provides a slick and smooth experience for added sensations and provides that minor textural change that can make all the difference.

Cleanliness and Condoms

In some cases you might have a toy that is difficult to clean in its entirety (porous). If that’s the case, a condom provides that extra barrier between yourself and the toy material. Even if you have a toy with easy-to-clean materials, using a condom can provide some further peace of mind if you’re worried about how deeply cleaned the sex toy is when you use it.

We still recommend giving the sex toy a good wash after you play with a condom to make sure it’s free of any bodily fluids, bacteria, or lubrication. Then, store it in a toy storage bag to keep it safe and discreet until you’re able to use it again. The proper storage bag also prevents lint and dust from clinging onto the surface of your toy.

Condoms and Lubrication - How Do They Interact?

When you are using a condom with some of your favorite lubrication, it’s important to know how the different ingredients could mix. There’s nothing worse than a broken condom and it can be prevented!

Water-based and silicone lubrication are always safe to use with condoms. If your favorite lubrication has oil in it, absolutely do not use it with a latex condom. This also goes for lotion and vaseline as oil can break down the latex. Non-latex condoms are okay to use with oil-based lubrication. If you’re worried about the ingredients in your condom or what lubrication can be used in it, be sure to read the directions in the condom box and the ingredients carefully.

Give Condoms a Try!

Adding a condom with your sex toy play or favorite lubrication can really add an extra layer of fun to your playtime and new sensations the toy itself cannot always provide. It may also allow for some peace of mind if you’re worried about how clean the surface of your toy is. In the end, it’s perfectly alright to explore and try new things in the bedroom and in your masturbation play! We wish you the best on your sexual health adventure.