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Wellness by Blush was created to empower you to embrace pleasure and celebrate sexuality. Sexual wellness defines our overall wellness and how connected and confident we feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Although there is a rise in the popularity of women’s pleasure products, the stigma still exists that limit women from accessing these wonderful tools. Silky smooth to the touch, body-safe, and phthalate-free, each product is designed to provide sexual stimulation that speaks to your soul.

These products made in this line are all meant to address one shared need: promoting sexual health, well-being, and accessibility in addition to specific health needs.

 Blush Wellness Dilator Kit - Blush Sexual Health & Wellness

The Wellness Dilator Kit was originally created for cancer survivors trying to navigate the path back to sex and pleasure. Whether or not they are planning to be sexually active, they need these as external stimulators or stretching exercises for the vagina.

The Wellness Silicone Dilator Set is carefully crafted for your comfort. Each vaginal dilator in this 4-piece kit features silky smooth, soft silicone and a rounded tip to avoid cervical irritation. With 4 differently sized dilators, starting at only 0.5 inches width, the Wellness Set lets you start small and move upward in size whenever you feel ready.

These dilators' heart-shaped bases are a cute touch! Use with your favorite quality water-based lubricant for easier insertion. Ultrasilk™ Smooth & Puria™ Platinum-Cured Silicone. Body-Safe and Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex


The G Wave dual stimulator was designed with specific functions in mind to serve the need of those who suffer from mobility issues or arthritis. Its long handle is easy to grip, and the multiple speed settings can help customers to achieve various levels of sensations.

Beautiful Pleasure. The Wellness G Wave has two points of vibration for simultaneous clitoral and G spot sensation-- and 7 powerful vibration functions (3 Speeds and 4 Patterns). G Wave's concave curves and long, ergonomic handle means you can maintain connectivity while self thrusting this dual action toy. Ultrasilk™ Smooth and made with Puria™ Platinum-Cured Silicone. Body-Safe and Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex. It's IPX7 waterproof with superior USB magnetic charging to ensure it remains waterproof for the life of the toy, and easy to clean.

 Blush Wellness Palm Sense Purple Silicone 3.75-Inch Finger Fin Vibrator

The Wellness Palm Sense turns your hand into a strong multi-function massager. It slips easily between your fingers for a firm grasp and accessibility. The silicone vibe body is smooth and cushy, easy to hold, and perfect for solo or partner play! It's waterproof so you can use it in the shower.

The Wellness Palm Sense Vibe turns your hand into a strong, 10-function massager using the powerful Rumble Tech™ motor. The finger fin slips easily between your fingers for a firm grasp and accessibility during use. Press the smooth, cushy silicone vibe body against your most sensitive zones for powerful massaging using the two powerful motors and dual massaging points. The Palm Sense is easy to hold and perfect for solo or partner assistance! Palm Sense is USB rechargeable, plus IPX7 waterproof for easy cleaning and use in the bath or shower. UltraSilk™ smooth and made of Puria™ silicone, this toy is silky, body-safe and phthalate free. As with all products and/or materials at Blush it has been 3rd party lab tested to meet or exceed REACH and Prop65 safety compliance directives. It's your body. Be mindful of what you put in it.

 Blush Wellness Training Kit Purple Silicone Kegel Set

The Kegel Training Kit is designed to feel good, improve your sexual experience, or relax the pelvic muscles.

The Wellness Kegel Training Kit delivers a fully customized strengthening routine. This complete set includes six balls, progressively weighted in pairs from 0.6 ounces to 1.8 ounces. The satin smooth silicone balls can be used alone or in pairs, for a total of nine possible weight combinations. Wellness Kegel Balls help strengthen your pelvic floor for better control and more intense pleasure. Make them part of a regular kegel exercise routine, or wear them to heighten arousal during foreplay. All Wellness Kegel Balls are Ultrasilk™ Smooth and made of Puria™ Platinum-Cured Silicone. Body-Safe and Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex