An Elegant Night in Morganite

An Elegant Night in Morganite

The new Oh My Gem collection is full of versatility, varying pleasure, and personality. We all have different sensations that we enjoy and these powerful vibes are ready to go on that journey with you, no matter the flavor! They will certainly leave you saying Oh My… 

If you resonate with Morganite, allow me to introduce you to… Elegant. 

  • 10 Modes RumbleTech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations
  • Warming Function For A Realistic Feel Which Enhances Comfort & Pleasure
  • Crafted From Puria® Silicone. Enveloped In Satin Smooth UltraSilk®
  • Experience A Tapered Design With Textured Waves For Added Pleasure
  • Fully Submersible IPX7 Waterproof & Magna Charge™ Rechargeable

The Night In…

The gemstone Morganite embodies elegance. If you resonate with it, you are known to attract an abundance of love and pleasure and want to honor that as your understanding of your own self-pleasure grows. Unlike some of the other gemstones, you find a certain level of elegance in the perfect night in with yourself - or shared with a lover. 

The perfect Morganite night starts with some candles lit and music playing. It’s surrounded by your favorite snacks and cozy, comfortable wear. This night of self pleasure is made perfect with Elegant - the toy set on your side table for whenever you may need it. 

Self pleasure and self care are all a part of this gemstone’s essence. That exploration and desire to ensure your own pleasure leads you to have a more open-minded approach. Elegant is shaped perfectly for trailing all over the body and leaves no limitations to where vibrations can be enjoyed. It compliments your self exploration and is prepared to deliver intense and powerful pleasure. 

Ways to Try Elegant

This gorgeous toy is prepared to deliver incredible sensations! Here are some ways you can make the most out of your play and maximize the versatility of this adult product:

1. Use Elegant as a form of foreplay! Lay back and relax in a comfortable setting,  trailing Elegant all over your body. The powerful Rumble Tech motor will ensure you have incredible vibrations wherever you want to explore. This can help get your flood flow increased in your erogenous zones and warm you up for the main event! 

2. In the shower or bath! Elegant is fully IPX7 submersible waterproof and can easily be taken into a relaxing bubble bath for some ease of play, or in the shower with the lights dimmed and a candle lit! We know how much you love that self-care alongside your pleasure!

3. Lay on your back! This position allows the rounded g-spot end of Elegant to fit perfectly inside you, providing the most direct pressure to your g-spot for incredible pleasure. Try bending your knees as well to allow a bit more control over depth, speed, and the pressure of the vibrations.

4. Play a sensation game with your partner! Morganite lovers attract partners and pleasure. Try blindfolding your partner or get blindfolded yourself while the other person uses Elegant on you! Cutting off sight can help you focus better on the sensations you feel on your body and can help keep the pesky everyday thoughts from entering your mind during your play time.

Ways to Channel Your Inner Morganite

 There are so many ways to represent your Morganite personality! It’s important to embrace your pleasure as your right and the many ways that you can help continue the self-love long after your big orgasm and fantastic night in! 

Self Care

Self care is incredibly important for a Morganite. They love to treat themselves but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Try to carve some time out of each week to take yourself on a date or curl up on the couch doing an activity you enjoy that relaxes you. Whatever the case, you deserve to honor yourself and your Morganite ways! With how much love and abundance you attract, it’s important to take a break for yourself.

Personal Connection

Have a heart-to-heart with a close friend or lover. Morganites thrive off interaction and who they attract. Having these deep conversations can feel so healing and helps nourish the relationships you have around you. Talk about pleasure, talk about your hopes for the future and aspirations - fuel those good vibes! 


Take some time each day to look in the mirror and give yourself some positive self-talk. When we regularly compliment ourselves, it creates these positive brain patterns and habits that will continue long after the short moment in the mirror. You’re beautiful, capable, and want to embrace life to the fullest - start with yourself!