Top 5 Best Anal Play Positions

Top 5 Best Anal Play Positions

Anal sex can be one of the most gratifying experiences when performed correctly and safely. There are so many ways to enjoy anal play with a partner or solo with a toy! If you’re looking to start your anal exploration, there’s a lot to keep in mind as anal play is quite a bit different than sex or standard masturbation.

Before you get into position, it’s important to remember these steps to enjoy anal safely and cleanly. 

  1. Lube, lube, and more lube! This is not a self-lubricating area and therefore you must add some lubrication to keep penetration comfortable and pain-free. If you’re using a silicone toy or a condom, we recommend using a water-based lubrication. Otherwise, pick your favorite lube and use as much as you desire! 
  2. Start slow and small! It’s recommended to start with a finger and gradually advance to a plug or other toys. This will ensure you limit any discomfort. A plug training kit is perfect for beginners, and comes in a set with different size plugs to help you build your confidence with anal play.
  3. Proper Cleaning. Never use something you played with anally anywhere else on the body or on a partner without properly cleaning it, first. Use some warm water and a favorite toy cleaner to wash it down before and after play and try to store your toy in a discreet toy bag to ensure it remains clean! 

Here are our top 5 positions for getting the most out of your anal pleasure: 

1 - Doggy Style

Doggy Style is where you get on all fours while you play. If you are using a sex toy in this position it makes it even easier to adjust the preferred depth and speed of penetration. Doggy Style allows for even deeper penetration and can provide more pleasure during anal play. 

If you are playing with an anal toy in this position, we recommend a remote control anal toy like Blush Anal Adventures Platinum Propel Plug. That way you don’t have to twist around and put even more effort into obtaining your pleasure - instead you can hold it in the palm of your hands while you get comfortable! 

2 - On Your Back With Legs Bent

Laying on your back in a comfortable position with your legs either slightly bent, or bent and lifted to your shoulders can allow for deep and easy anal penetration. This position also allows for very easy prostate stimulation, especially if you are using a curved toy meant to help stimulate the prostate. If you are, try rocking back and forth while your legs are bent and in the air. This can allow for a pleasurable shifting of the toy against your prostate for hands-free anal play. 

If you aren’t using a toy, this is a great way to get a full view of penetration and your partner. When you’re on your back you can enjoy the view of their pleasure and reactions as well as the penis inside you. This can be a very erotic view and is a great way to further connect with your partner. To elevate your positioning, add a pillow or sex cushion under your hips to open yourself up more and provide some lower back comfort. 

3 - Step it Up! 

Sounds simple enough, right? In a way, this position might be one of the easier ones you’ve tried. Bend over something like a bed, a couch, a chair, but give yourself something to step up on as you do. We recommend placing a small stool near the bed where you can prop your foot on. This also works in the shower if you have a seat you can step up on!

Lifting one leg opens you up further for penetration and allows for a way to brace your body. If you’re looking to feel deep anal pleasure, this is a must-try position whether you’re using a toy or a partner. 

4 - Cowboy… or Cowgirl! 

Straddling your partner (or a pillow) during anal gives you better control over the depth, speed of play, and adjustment of your body for optimal comfort. If you’re in control it can often help with overall confidence and this position lets you explore, especially if you’re a newbie to anal! 

If you want to level up this position, add a vibrating toy that you can grind against. 

5 - Bend On Over

If being on your knees is uncomfortable, try bending over a bed or a couch! This gives you a bit more stability and comfort and is a great position for more rigorous thrusting and pleasure. Your partner can easily grab onto your hips for more grasp and you should be able to grab onto sheets or the couch to brace yourself.

Much like getting on all fours, bending over pushes out your derriere for easier access to anal play. 

Remember, the journey to anal exploration is perfected with patience, preparation, and plenty of lube! It’s important to embrace the experience with an open mind, clear communication with your partner, and a commitment to safety, comfort and fun! Take some time before you play anally with your partner to sit down and list out everything you are comfortable with, have a safe word in place that both of you can commit to, and go over the above methods with them so you’re both on the same page.

Happy playing!