Become Enraptured by Tanzanite

Become Enraptured by Tanzanite

The new Oh My Gem collection has an array of versatile toys with incredible power. Each one caters to a different type of pleasure, and different types of personalities. So, no matter what you enjoy, you’ll find something that makes you say Oh My! 

If you resonate with Tanzanite, allow us to introduce you to Enrapture.

  • 10 Modes RumbleTech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations
  • Warming Function For A Realistic Feel Which Enhances Comfort & Pleasure
  • Crafted From Puria® Silicone. Enveloped In Satin Smooth Ultrasilk®
  • Experience A Non Stop Tongue Tickler For External Clitoral Pleasure
  • Fully Submersible IPX7 Waterproof & Magna Charge® Rechargeable

The Night of Exploration

Tanzanite is closely associated with self-awakening and intuition. You strive to explore different levels of pleasure and connect with your body in and out of the bedroom. A little bit of self care and quality time alone can go a long way to help you build strong energy, reduce stress, and better connect with your yourself. So, head out for a night of yoga, meditation, or journaling at your favorite cocktail or coffee spot!

After you’ve explored your own connection with your mind, it’s time to honor your connection to your body. Head on home with a new book and set the mood with your favorite music as you light a candle. Once you’re nice and comfortable, Enrapture will take your pleasure routine to the next level as its cupped head encompasses your erogenous zones for incredible sensations. 

Ways to Try Enrapture

Enrapture is ready to give you versatile and powerful pleasure wherever you desire. Here are some ways you can make the most out of your play and maximize the versatility of this beautiful vibrator: 

  1. Use it like a tongue on your erogenous zones! The cupped head of Enrapture is perfect to surround your clitoris or nipples and provide incredible sensations whether you lay it around the area, or use the fluttering sides to stimulate. Navigate through 10 powerful functions delivered by the Rumbletech motor. Experience surround-sound pleasure! 
  2. In the shower or bath! Enrapture is fully IPX7 submersible waterproof and can easily be taken into a relaxing bubble bath for some ease of play, or in the shower after you enjoy a little moment in your own mind. We know just how important self-care and self-pleasure is for those who resonate with Tanzanite. 
  3. Pair it up with another toy that you love. Enrapture is the perfect companion toy for your favorite insertable. Whether it’s a realistic dildo, or an abstract insertable that you enjoy - use it inside you while Enrapture delivers incredible external pleasure. 
  4. Play a game with your partner! Write down different body parts and erogenous zones on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Take turns pulling from the bowl and tease with Enrapture wherever you’re directed. Using Enrapture as a form of foreplay helps heighten arousal and this game can be played solo, too! 

Ways to Channel Your Inner Tanzanite

There are so many ways to truly honor your inner Tanzanite long after the big orgasm! It’s important to embrace your pleasure as your right and continue the adventure in ways that compliment your adventurous and intuitive nature. 


The Tanzanite soul finds self reflection so important in order to grow. Take some time each week to sit down in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Then, reflect on your day and your goals and what you’d like to strive for. Try to do this every morning before you start your day to set those good intentions! 

Go With The Flow

Intuition is a key part of how you make decisions and live your life, but sometimes life can get a little busy and scheduled. Once a week put aside a handful of hours for yourself to just go with the flow. Stand there and take a deep breath as you feel out what you want for yourself during that time. Perhaps it’s a little self-pleasure with Enrapture, perhaps it’s a new adventure! Clearly listen to what your instincts tell you.

Love Yourself

Each day stand in front of the mirror naked and point out something that you absolutely love about yourself. It’s important to honor our bodies and what makes us so unbelievably beautiful, even if we’re facing a day where we don’t feel attractive. Connecting with your body and soul is so important to a Tanzanite heart.