An Adventure in Aquamarine

An Adventure in Aquamarine

The Oh My Gem Collection by Blush is a beautiful collection of gem-inspired toys that cater to your every pleasure. These versatile shapes allow you to indulge in new levels of sensations all while leaving you saying Oh My! 

If you resonate with Aquamarine, allow me to introduce you to…Ardor! 

  • 10 Modes RumbleTech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations
  • Warming Function For A Realistic Feel Which Enhances Comfort & Pleasure
  • Crafted From Puria® Silicone. Enveloped In Satin Smooth Ultrasilk®
  • Experience A Soft Tapered Design For Easy & Gentle Pleasure
  • Fully Submersible IPX7 Waterproof & Magna Charge® Rechargeable

Freedom and Adventure Await You

The gemstone Aquamarine embodies the free spirit in you. You’re passionate, open-minded, and daring both in and out of the bedroom and Ardor is prepared to help you explore all of your desires. Some of the other gemstones prefer a sexy night in, but Aquamarine is more often found seeking adventure.

The perfect Aquamarine night starts with something to get the heart pounding. Whether it’s blaring your favorite playlist, or getting your body moving with dance or a physical activity. Your love of new experiences demands something out of the norm and Ardor allows for that level of versatility. Ardor is prepared to take your love of creativity and intensity to the next level with its tapered end and bulbous head, perfect for internal and external stimulation.

Going with the flow and changing your mind comes with the territory. Much like you, Ardor is ready to change it up at a moment’s notice. It can be used anywhere on the body and is easily shared with a partner if you desire. 

Ways to Try Ardor

This gorgeous toy is prepared to deliver incredible sensations! Here are some ways you can make the most out of your play and maximize the versatility of this adult product:

  1. Use it all over the body as a form of foreplay to get things going! Ardor warms to a very comfortable 107 degrees Fahrenheit for increased blood flow and enhanced pleasure. Using it as a massager or to tease yourself or your partner is a fantastic way to increase anticipation for the main event and get the heart racing! 
  2. Want some adventurous play on the go? Ardor is IPX7 waterproof so it can easily be used in the bath or shower if you decide you want some spontaneous fun without limitations. We know just how much you like to feel things out, so having the option for adventure is key! 
  3. Roll, roll, roll! The rounded and slightly tapered head of Ardor is perfect for subtle rolling against the clitoris or nipples. Use the very top for a more pinpointed, rumbly vibration against your most sensitive areas, or turn it just slightly and roll for a mixture of vibration sensations. You can also flex and turn it inside the body for even more pressure against the G-spot! 
  4. Try it as a companion toy! Match Ardor up with another one of your favorite internal or external toys and try them together. Use Ardor against the G-spot or clitoris while you utilize another toy where you desire. Ardor fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is small enough to easily be held while enjoying other sensations. Mix and match to fit your natural creativity and exploration! 

Ways to Channel Your Inner Aquamarine

It’s important to embrace your free spirit, Aquamarine! But how do you best honor the passionate and daring attributes you were born with? 

New Adventures

Trying new exciting adventures can feed your desire for excitement. Giving yourself the opportunity to try a new hobby or a new activity will continue to stimulate you. Throw some axes, take a hike, go bowling! Then, head home and grab Ardor for a continued adventure of the senses. 


You put yourself through a lot of tasks, new experiences, and daring moves throughout the week. Make sure to take some time to yourself to honor your body, mind, and recharge that energy you thrive off of! Take Ardor into the bath with you and light some candles as you allow yourself to reset for another round of excitement.