How to Clean and Care for Your Sex Toys

How to Clean and Care for Your Sex Toys

We *know* you are in a hurry to enjoy your toys and the pleasure they provide, but it’s immensely important to ensure your sex toys are clean and ready to deliver the best experience possible! Sex toys will go the distance with you if they are taken care of and cleaning them regularly will help both your wellness, and theirs.

But how do you clean different materials and care for your toys properly when there are so many different styles of toys and specifications for them? 

Across The Board - All Sex Toys

No matter what materials your sex toys are made of, it’s important to clean your toy before and after use. Sex toys can collect dust just like everything else! Not to mention, some materials cling onto lint, hair, and bacteria much easier than other materials. It never hurts to give them a quick clean before you’re ready to play or if you plan on safely sharing the toy with your partner.

When cleaning, first be sure what IPX rating your favorite toys might be. If there’s no motor, go ahead and give it a full wash under warm water and with your favorite toy cleaner (or mild/non-scented hand soap). If the toy is splashproof (IPX6, or below) you can gently wash the toy, but should not submerge it in water. Be extra careful of charging ports and the handle of the product where buttons may be.

If the product is IPX7, it can be fully submerged in water and there’s no need to be careful of the charging port and controls. If you have a suction toy with an opening and a ‘dip’, try using some mild soap or toy cleaner on a Q-tip and use that to get into the bowl of the suction attachment.

It’s important to remember that no matter what materials or motors your sex toy has, it absolutely should be cleaned before AND after each use to ensure it remains clean and safe.

After cleaning your sex toys and using them, we recommend putting them in a lint-free storage bag to store them in. This will ensure they don’t collect a lot of lint, dust, or hair, keeps them private and discreet, and is also a fantastic tool for traveling with your sex toys safely. These bags are more breathable than some other options and help to cut down on odor. Beyond that, they keep sex toys out of direct sunlight and away from situations in which they may get wet or damp. 

Purely Silicone Sex Toys

If you have a purely silicone sex toy like a dildo, you can also take a few extra steps to get a deep cleaning that you desire. This is highly recommended if you are sharing toys with others, as well.

In cases of purely silicone toys, you are able to boil the toys and rid them of any bacteria. Simply put a pot filled with water on the stove and wait until it’s boiling. Then submerge the toys in the boiling water for just a few minutes to ensure the bacteria has been removed.

You can also wash these toys in the dishwasher on the sanitize setting without adding any soap. If your dishwasher does not have this option, we recommend boiling them. When in doubt - boil!

Depending on the technique you end up choosing to clean your sex toys, it should take no more than one to three minutes to clean a toy in total. It takes very little time to ensure your sex toys are clean and ready for your next play session. So, go grab your toys and give them a proper spa day!