Teasing Topaz

Teasing Topaz

Blush’s Oh My Gem collection is a versatile collection that has a little bit of something for everyone, no matter your pleasure preferences. The collection delivers beautiful, unique shapes and functions that are meant to go on your personal journey with you. Matched with gorgeous gemstones that speak to the uniqueness of you, Oh My Gem will leave you saying Oh My.

So, you resonate with a Topaz, allow me to introduce you to… Fierce.

  • 10 Modes RumbleTech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations
  • Warming For Enhanced Comfort. Shaped For G Spot Pleasure
  • Fully Submersible IPX7 Waterproof
  • Pure Platinum Cured Puria® Silicone. Ultrasilk® Smooth
  • Magna Charge® Rechargeable. Earth Friendly Cord. 45 Minutes Of Play

The Night Out

Topaz embodies a fierce nature and a desire for inner peace. You’re someone who delivers passion and loves to enhance it within your own life. You found yourself drawn to Topaz and the power in the palm of your hand almost instantly, whether it was the gem of your birth month, or the fierceness you resonate with. 

The perfect Topaz night starts with a new outfit and something you can dance to. As much as you’re able to enjoy the clubs, those who resonate with Topaz are likely to search for something a bit out-of-the-box. Whether it’s a night of bowling, a play in town, or playing some games at a friend’s house, you’re ready to balance your adventure with relaxation. Fierce awaits your return home, the rounded head prepared to deliver incredible external stimulation and internal pleasure as it sits perfectly against your g spot. 

Once you’ve had that perfect mixture of human interaction, laughter, and adventure, you’re ready to get beneath the sheets with something a little… Fierce.

Positions to Try Fierce

This warming, g spot toy is ready to give you all you need and more - here are some ways you can get the most out of your play and the most out of the versatility of this adult product! 

1.) Use Fierce ALL over your body! The Rumble Tech motor does not disappoint and Fierce feels fantastic when trailed over your erogenous zones whether solo, or with a partner. Try trailing it over your arms, neck, and the inside of your wrist as you explore the powerful sensations. 

2.) Try Fierce as a companion toy! If you have a favorite dildo or vibrator, use it WITH Fierce for the ultimate blended orgasm experience. Perhaps try Fierce internally while holding your vibrator on your clitoris. Or, try using Fierce’s powerful vibrations externally while using a favorite dildo! 

3.) On your back! It may seem like an easy, go-to way to play, but relaxing your body against the bed in a comfortable position and bending your knees slightly allows for easy control over depth, insertion, and can help you press against the g spot all the easier! 

4.) In the shower or bath! Fierce is fully IPX7 submersible waterproof and can easily be taken into a relaxing bubble bath for some ease of play, or in the shower with the lights dimmed and a candle lit! 

Ways To Honor Your Inner Topaz

After you play, there are so many ways to nourish that Topaz personality! It’s important to embrace your pleasure as your right and the many ways that you can help continue the self-love long after your big orgasm! 

  1. Topaz individuals are always ready for rebirth and trying new things. Take time each week to try a new hobby, experience, or new food! It’s important to fuel that adventurous part of yourself both in the bedroom, and outside the bedroom. 
  2. Indulging in the senses is just another way Topaz enjoys life. Try turning on the warming function of this toy for some sensation play. Beyond that, take some time each day to reflect on the sensations around you. The lights, the feel of the chair beneath you, how you feel, and how the area can be made better with one small thing. If you do this each day, you can curate your senses and the area around you for ultimate peace. 
  3. Take some time for yourself daily, or weekly! Life can be very busy and it may not be realistic for you to feel like you have time to yourself each day, but carve out several hours each week to indulge in some self care. Whether that’s a face mask, bath, a good book, or playing with Topaz!