Guide To Using Nipple Stimulators To Help With Mastitis & Enhance Pleasure

Guide To Using Nipple Stimulators To Help With Mastitis & Enhance Pleasure

As a new mother, breastfeeding is already a challenging task. When you add the risk of Mastitis pain on top of it all, it can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are certain adult intimacy products that can help with clogged milk ducts and prevent Mastitis!

What is Mastitis? 

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast tissue that can occur in breastfeeding mothers. If untreated, this painful occurrence can become an infection and symptoms worsen. Mastitis can range from uncomfortable to incredibly painful and many times the suggestions to alleviate Mastitis are uncomfortable, as well! Clogged milk ducts are said to cause Mastitis and if treated, can prevent it. 

If you believe you are experiencing clogged milk ducts or Mastitis, here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Soreness or Extreme Tenderness of the Breast
  • Flu-like Symptoms or Fever 
  • A Hard Area of the Breast or Lumpy Breast
  • Breast Pain or Burning While Breastfeeding (Or After Breastfeeding) 

If you try using a vibrator and feel sick or the tender breasts worsen, it’s important to speak to your doctor. They will often prescribe you antibiotics to assist with the Mastitis. It's most important not to leave Mastitis untreated because the symptoms can continue to worsen.

What Does Vibration Do? 

Using a deep, powerful vibration against your breasts works to shake and break up the clogged milk ducts. This is something that can be done during breastfeeding if it’s not too uncomfortable for you, or while you are attempting to pump and express between feedings. 

These vibrations help to start the let-down process (which is normally stimulated by a baby sucking) and help with the draining of milk and clearing of milk ducts. In many cases, this vibrational urging also helps improve milk supply when done regularly. 

Most report that the lowest setting on a rumbly vibrator is best for this! Don’t go too wild on the power settings as you may risk causing some discomfort to the already-irritated and sensitive area.

How Do I Use a Vibrator On My Breasts?

  1. You can choose to use the vibrator on your breasts before or during breastfeeding, whichever is preferable for you. If you find that your breast is too inflamed or uncomfortable for the vibrations to have direct contact, use a piece of clothing or a cloth between the vibrator and your skin. 
  2. Place the vibrator against the skin right below your armpit and work it toward the nipple or rock the vibrator back and forth against the breast. If you need a hands-free way to utilize the vibrations, place it against the sore location on the inside of your bra and let it sit. There are so many ways you can work the vibrator against your body and in the end - it’s all about what is most comfortable for you! 
  3. Do this for up to 10 minutes before or during breastfeeding. If you find that you are experiencing pain, stop using the vibrator immediately. 
  4. Heat also helps the process! If you have a vibrator with a heating function that assists with breaking down the milk ducts and increasing the production of milk. If you do not, a warm washrag or heating pad will assist!