Gift Ideas For Valentines

Gift Ideas For Valentines

There are so many ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day this year, whether it’s a gift for a lover or a friend. Everyone deserves the gift of pleasure and self-love, especially in the busy and overwhelming world we live in. If you don’t have a romantic relationship this Valentine’s, never forget that self-love is the most important type of love. Be sure to get yourself a little something!

We’ve come to take away the stress of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts with ideas sure to further connect the two of you or you with yourself. 

The Gift of Calm


A massage is an incredible way to relax the body and take someone’s mind off their to-do list. This sort of hands-on relaxation will give that special someone the pampering they so desperately need and it’s even better if you find a couple’s massage! Releasing those feel-good hormones with each other will only enhance the experience.

On a tight budget? That’s no problem! Get your hands on a massage oil or a massage oil candle and set the mood. Lay your partner down and give them a long full-body massage that will leave them feeling relaxed and calm. Pampering ourselves and each other tends to be something we forget to do regularly. Don’t let Valentine’s slip away without some self-care!

If one or both of you don’t enjoy massages, exchange it for another task that will leave them feeling calm. Clean the home and give them a relaxing place to rest with no to-do list. 


The Gift of Pleasure


Sex toys make an incredible gift for yourself, or your lover! Orgasms aren’t just about pleasure, there are a multitude of health benefits obtained when you get to the big O! The pleasure response not only helps reduce stress but also helps boost your mood and improve your sleep,  leading to more happiness. Pleasure is even better when you mix in your favorite sex toy!

There are so many products at all different price points and there’s sure to be something that works perfectly for your partner. If you have not played with toys before or you haven’t with your partner, it can be difficult to find something. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look around:

Vibration is for everyone! 

No matter the genitals, vibration feels good on all bodies! They can be trailed over and teased across erogenous zones as well as between bodies during penetrative sex. Finding a powerful, handheld vibrator is the perfect gift for anyone looking for pleasure!

Sensory Play!

There are a lot of sex toys that are catered toward sensory play and make the perfect gift this Valentine’s. These gender-neutral toys help isolate senses so you can focus more on pleasure. Try out a silky blindfold or a feather tickler that can be used to trail over your body or your partner’s! 

When in doubt, go non-realistic! 

If you are not sure what they might like, go for something non-realistic rather than a hyper-realistic dildo or another toy. There are so many brightly-colored products made of body-safe silicone that feel fantastic against the skin (and some even provide vibration!). 

The Gift of Experience

Sometimes there is no better gift than an experience. Find a beautiful park or a museum and enjoy some time together. There are lots of places you can go (many of them free!) that will allow you to take time and focus on each other and the experience instead of panicking over a gift exchange.

This is also a perfect gift when paired with one of the others above! In the end, Valentine’s Day should be about connecting with your partner (or yourself, if you don’t have one) and what truly matters: Love.