Achieving Better Orgasms With Rabbit Vibrators

Achieving Better Orgasms With Rabbit Vibrators

There are so many ways to play and different forms of orgasms you can achieve! If you’re a beginner to dual stimulation, it might be overwhelming at first. Don’t be deterred: dual stimulation orgasms bring a whole new level of pleasure for those looking to take things to new heights. 

What is Dual Stimulation?

Dual stimulation is where you experience stimulation in two different erogenous zones at the same time. Rabbit vibrators are prime examples of powerful dual stimulation as they have a shaft for internal G-spot pleasure and an external stimulator for the clitoris. It leaves you feeling full while also enjoying powerful vibrations (and in some cases, rotating or thrusting!)

Dual stimulation feels different than isolated stimulation and provides an array of new sensations without using two different toys! Beyond that, rabbit vibrators are designed to deliver more powerful vibrations and options than a traditional vibrator. It’s the perfect level-up for someone interested in experiencing a little something more. 

Benefits of Using a Rabbit Vibrator

Known for their bright colors and unique designs, rabbits are not normally realistic-looking. This makes them a great gift or partnered toy for those who are turned off by a more realistic sex toy. 

Beyond dual stimulation, rabbits normally have powerful vibrations. Vibration is enjoyed by anyone, no matter their genitals, and a rabbit vibe is perfect for trailing between bodies and over erogenous zones. Tease and build anticipation before getting to the main event for even more arousal before the big O! 

The intense and powerful options of a rabbit vibrator also can assist someone who has difficulties orgasming. It’s an incredible way to explore outside the box and deliver new waves of sensation that can help you obtain pleasure when it was previously difficult to do so. 

Things to Consider

There are so many different rabbit vibrators designed with your pleasure in mind. How do you decipher what will be best for your collection? 

  1. Think about function. What is most important to you? Is it the power of vibration you’re looking for or the shape of the shaft? Start thinking about what you enjoy most from the toys you’ve experienced before and look for a rabbit vibrator with those benefits!
  2. Match with lube. All toys are paired best with lubrication, but it’s important to find one that will complement the material of your rabbit. If you use a silicone rabbit, we always recommend using a water-based lubricant. 
  3. Size matters! Make sure to look into the shaft size and insertable length of the rabbit vibrator - some rabbits are perfectly sized for beginners and others give a little extra girth! When in doubt, measure a toy you enjoy at home and look for a rabbit with similar dimensions. 
  4.  Thrusting a rabbit vibrator is not always the most comfortable method. Most rabbit vibrators are made to rock and grind against so you do not break contact with the clitoral stimulator. 
  5.  Rabbits are not one-size-fits-all. Take time to explore externally before inserting the rabbit vibrator and play around with the controls first. That way you have a good grasp of the toy before fumbling around mid-play. Once you have the rabbit inside you, don’t be afraid to move positions or adjust it as necessary to ensure it remains in contact where you want it most! 

Rabbit vibrators have been a beloved staple in the sex toy community for years and that’s not stopping anytime soon! New technology and designs have brought rabbits to an entirely new level, and we all are here to benefit from it! So grab some lube, a rabbit vibrator, and dive in for new pleasure heights!