Empower Your Womanhood With Kegel Training

Empower Your Womanhood With Kegel Training

For women, pelvic muscles are incredibly important to maintain, and there are so many benefits to keeping our pelvic floor strong! Strengthening our kegel muscles helps support urinary health, can provide better orgasms, and improves physical comfort in our day-to-day.

For most, it becomes challenging to maintain the same level of physical fitness as we grow older. Luckily, there are exercises known as kegel exercises that can help you strengthen these pelvic muscles. What better way to empower your womanhood and sensuality than taking care of your body and your pleasure? 

What are Kegel Exercises and the Benefits? 

Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen the pelvic floor, which helps support uterus and bladder function and best of all can bring you more satisfying orgasms in the bedroom. Our pelvic floor weakens based on a variety of different reasons including age, childbirth, and surgery and anyone can benefit from keeping their pelvic floor strong.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of and many women have challenges with their pelvic floor strength. Pelvic floor workouts do wonders to help keep you healthy (and from peeing yourself when you laugh or sneeze!) Beyond that, you can achieve better control over your orgasms and provide yourself with more comfort during sex. 

How to Start Kegel Exercises

At first, it can be difficult to find what muscles you need to work on. Some women find it easiest to insert a finger or two vaginally and tighten their muscles around them while laying down comfortably. Kegels should feel like you are clenching, not pushing, and there should never be pain or strain to the act. Once you get a good feeling for the muscles you are working out, you can do this clenching whenever and wherever you desire! 

Squeeze these muscles for five to ten seconds before releasing them for a handful of seconds. Repeat this several times whether you are standing or sitting and that’s all there is to it! Always make sure to relieve your bladder before starting kegel exercises for optimal comfort and to prevent the small chance of a UTI.

Adding specialized kegel products regularly into your regimen can make a huge difference in results. Blush's Wellness Line has a few expertly designed Kegel Trainers that provide all the necessary features to support your routine. By adding varying weight and vibrations to your workout routine, these advanced products promote even more control during self-care sessions. Clench around them as you walk around, relax, or when you are out and about for the optimal benefit and sensations!

When Will I See The Results? 

Everybody is different and kegel workouts should be a permanent part of your self-care routine, not temporary. That being said, most women report noting a difference in their pelvic floor strength within a few weeks of routinely practicing kegel exercises! 

There are so many benefits to taking care of our ever-changing bodies and kegels are just one of many ways to help regain our pleasure and comfort.