Create Your At Home Spa With These Self-Care Essentials

Create Your At Home Spa With These Self-Care Essentials

Taking the time to give yourself some much-needed self-care is difficult, but necessary. Mental health is SO important and you have to put on your air mask before assisting others with theirs, even if it makes you feel guilty doing so! 

There is no need to leave your home to have the ultimate spa experience. Create your dream at-home spa and give yourself the relaxation experience you deserve with these self-care essentials! 

Comfortable Loungewear

First and foremost, get comfortable! We recommend wrapping yourself in a new fluffy, oversized robe or a onesie. Embrace wearing nothing that makes you feel like you can’t fully curl up and relax. Dressing comfortably looks different for everyone and you know yourself best, so grab what you love most!

They say dress for the job you want. Today that job is purely relaxation. 

Candles & Essential Oils

Create the scene for yourself by engaging in all the senses. Get a new candle or room spray to set the mood and set up a scene for your spa day! If the room is clean and smells good, you will feel even more refreshed the ultimate spa day.

There are even smells that help your entire relaxation experience such as lavender. When inhaled, it causes the brain to produce all of those feel-good hormones which promote relaxation in the body. Sandalwood, chamomile, and cedar are also other scents that have similar relaxing effects.

Detoxifying & Nutritional Beverages

Gift yourself a soothing drink for the occasion. Spas always have some fresh, cold lemon water or tea ready for when you need it and you can do the same at home! Buy a new tea you’ve been wanting to try or prepare some fruit-infused water for a refreshing touch to your spa experience. 

Beyond taste, cold water and tea both work wonders for relaxing the mind and body while still keeping you grounded and focused. 

A Cleansing Face Mask

Face masks are perfect for anyone and will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Whether you’re struggling with dryness or oily skin, treating yourself to a face mask while you sit back and watch a favorite show on TV is a great way to keep the spa experience going. 

A true spa day always includes something for the skin. Putting on a face mask is the perfect way to enjoy and heal problem skin simultaneously! 

Visual Relaxation

Watch something that does not require your entire focus, but brings you happiness. Put on that favorite movie you’ve watched a hundred times and sip on your tea with your face mask as you let your troubles drift away. 

Self-Care and Intimacy Products

Another amazing way to honor yourself, your body, and your mind on this spa day is through self-pleasure. Masturbation promotes happiness, relaxation, and overall pleasure. Giving yourself pleasure in a relaxed setting with no distractions allows you to further explore more sensations and discover what you enjoy.

The Wellness collection by Blush has a variety of high end products that are perfect for full-body massage, pleasure, relaxation, and overall self-care. There are many options that are waterproof, providing endless options for bath and shower play. Take the time to really set the scene to give yourself the pleasure you deserve during your ‘you’ day. 

Technology Detox

All of that doom scrolling has the potential to distract and disrupt your day of calmness and relaxation. Put the phone aside for a little bit and focus on yourself instead of social media.

This will help bring your focus more to yourself and what you’re doing rather than taking away from the experience. 

Taking Care Of ‘You’

By indulging in these self-care essentials, you are not only prioritizing your own needs but also setting the stage for a rejuvenating and peaceful retreat within the comforts of your own space. 

Remember, dedicating a day to your well-being is not a luxury, but a necessity—because you absolutely deserve to nurture your mind, body, and soul with the utmost care and attention.