RumboTech™ Redefining Excellence In Engineering

RumboTech™ Redefining Excellence In Engineering

Vibrating sex toys are all the rage in the sex toy industry. Vibration technology in a sex toy can turn an average experience into an extraordinary one. The difference between an average and an extraordinary experience lies in the quality of the vibration—its depth, intensity, and durability. Blush has set out to capture all the elements of an extraordinary pleasure experience with the creation of its exclusive vibration technology, RumboTech™. 


What is RumboTech™? 

A true masterpiece in engineering, RumboTech™ is the deep and powerful rumbly vibrations that powers many Blush products. RumboTech™ was specifically tuned utilizing tungsten weights to produce deep, rumbly vibrations and optimize and extend play times to satisfy all your needs. All motors utilizing RumboTech™ technology are developed to last years longer than the typical sex toy motor. All Blush products undergo strict durability and reliability testing to ensure your RumboTech™ powered Blush products deliver incredible quality and endurance for years to come. 


Why is Power Important?  

There are many reasons to choose a RumboTech™ powered Blush toy! If you’re looking for stronger sensations in the bedroom, the deep and sustained vibrations can help stimulate more nerve endings, providing a stronger pleasure response and more gratifying orgasms. In many cases, there are lifestyles factors such as medication or aging that can lead to desensitizes genitals.  In these cases, having a more powerful toy to utilize against the pleasure zone can help you get in the mood faster and discover that exhilarating pleasure once again. 

The Best In RumboTech™ 

Blush Collection 

Dianna -  


Dianna  is a massaging wand fit for queens! Featuring 20 RumboTech™ powered vibrations settings, each including 5 speeds, there are endless opportunities for massaging bliss with your Blush Dianna. 

Elora - 

With its graceful design, this stunning rabbit provides 3 points of stimulation for sensational g-spot & clitoral pleasure. Elora has 10 RumboTech™ vibration modes including a wonderful blend of 5 speeds and 5 patterns. 

Evelyn - 

This sleek and powerful rabbit vibrator is gonna give you all the love tonight! Powered by RumboTech™, Evelyn has 10 vibrating modes with 4 speeds and 6 unique patterns to choose from. The flow of RumboTech™ waves from this rabbit is incredibly unique. 

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Wellness Collection 

Eternal Wand - 

The Wellness Eternal Wand is the perfect addition to any self-care routine. With an extra-long, ergonomical handle. Eternal Wand glides to meet hard to reach places for a luxurious high class design. With 10 RumboTech™ powered vibration settings, you can customize your wand to experience the massage of your dreams. The deep and powerful vibrations provided by RumboTech™ make all the difference for the quality of your massage. 

Serene Vibe -  

 Wellness Serene Vibe brings serenity to the palm of your hand. Shaped like a mini massage stone, this luminous full body massager offers a true spa massage experience. With a variety of RumboTech™ vibration settings to choose from, you can customize your spa experience to meet your relaxation needs. 

Power Vibe - 

Equipped with 10 deep, rumbly vibrating functions, this petite powerhouse is your reason to stay up all night. If you love the power that RumboTech™ provides, the Wellness Power Vibe is the one for you. 

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