Blush Wellness - Sexual Wellness in an Active World

Blush Wellness - Sexual Wellness in an Active World

Sexual Wellness is defined by you! It is not limited to pleasure, motivation, or sacrifice. In the world we live in there are so many stressors and things that impact our own wellness as a whole. So as we strive for activity and self care, it can be hard to embrace sexual wellness for ourselves. Remember, this is something that you embrace for yourself, whatever it means to you.

When we care for our bodies, it assists in mental health. Sexual wellness is something we embrace in all parts of our lives and something that must be nurtured by ourselves for ourselves!


Ways to Prioritize Wellness When Your Life is Active

It can be hard to embrace our sexual wellness when our lives are active and busy.

1.) Take some time for yourself each day by being mindful. Whether this is with meditation, or simply a few moments of quietness to reflect on what you appreciate about yourself and your body.

2.) If you are unable to workout, take some time to enjoy fresh air - even if it's just quickly. This is utilized to refresh your mindset and connection to your body.

3.) Remember that no matter how active you are, it's beneficial to slow down for these small moments each day and rejoice in yourself.