Blush Wellness - Sexual Wellness in a Working World

Blush Wellness - Sexual Wellness in a Working World

Sexual Wellness is defined by you! It is not limited to pleasure, motivation, or sacrifice. In the world we live in there are so many stressors and things that impact our own self care as a whole. As we strive for a balance between our working lives and our self care, it is hard to embrace wellness for ourselves. You are not alone in this struggle for balance.

It's important to understand that although hard work is appreciated and honored, self care and self love should be even more important. When we care for our bodies and minds we are better able to apply ourselves more to other aspects of our lives.


Ways to Prioritize Wellness When You Work a Lot

It is hard to embrace our sexual wellness when we live so much to our work/live balance.

1.) When we feel ourselves lacking concentration or have heightened stress and frustration, take a moment to focus on your breathing and connecting with your body. Focus on the smells around you, the textures beneath your hands, and each breath you take. Even if you do this for just a minute it has been known to bring you back into a calmer state of mind.

2.) Draw yourself a bath or indulge in masturbation or body exploration. (Such as a massage or putting lotion on!) This assists with feeling more connected to your body and leaves you feeling more refreshed.

3.) Acknowledge your feelings. Whether you are angry, tired, stressed, or overworked. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that you are allowed to feel this way and are validated.