Pain During Penetration

Pain During Penetration

Pain during penetration is a lot more common than you might think. There are many factors that affect whether or not we feel pleasure or pain during masturbation and penetrative sex. Whether it’s medication, age-related, or something that originates in the mind, pain during penetration is not something you need to endure!

Many people believe this is the end of their pleasure and sex lives, but there are many solutions to this problem. With the right adult products and best practices, you can take your healing into your own hands and enjoy sex once again. Below are some of the best practices to follow to alleviate pain during penetration.

Finding the Right Lubrication

In many cases, pain during penetration is a direct result of lack of lubrication. There is a drop of estrogen with aging and after childbirth that can result in less natural lubrication. Beyond that, there’s also a thinning of vaginal walls after chemotherapy, which can lead to painful and dry penetration.

Whether or not you experience pain during penetration, lubrication is a way to properly moisturize and prevent discomfort during sex and toy play. It also enhances sensations and overall assists with the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. Finding a body-safe, moisturizing lubrication to use is the best first step to exploring penetration once more.

Safe Dilation

Dilators are a beautiful way to explore penetration in a safe and easy way that prevents discomfort. These silicone, flexible (but firm enough for penetration) dilators come in varying small, slim sizes and rounded ends for cervical comfort. They are used to apply lubrication and as a comfortable way to work on painless penetration. 

In many cases, they can also be used to work your way up to penetration with a penis or a larger toy. Sets like the Wellness Dilator Kit come with several different sizes to work your way up with. Dilators can also be used as a pleasure tool and self-thrusted to your comfort level solo, or with a partner. 

Some dilators like our Temptasia Twists have soft ridges to provide more sensations during utilization. This allows you to use it as a healing or training device, as well as a textured pleasure tool. 

Practicing Positioning

Positioning may also play a part in your comfort. There are some positions (like doggystyle) that allow for deeper penetration. If you have cervical pain, this can be very uncomfortable - but perhaps laying back with a pillow propped beneath your lower back can assist with the angling.

You know your body best, but it’s important to try a multitude of different positions and find some that give you the most comfort during solo or partnered play. This way you can ensure there is no need to stop or pain. 

Being Gentle With Yourself

Pain during penetration can be incredibly discouraging, but there are ways to help. Be gentle with yourself and if you believe there is a deeper, underlying medical challenge that you are facing - consult your healthcare provider.

Your pleasure is your right. Go slow, use lots of lube, and be kind to your body as you go through this healing journey.