Must Have Toys for Anal Play

Must Have Toys for Anal Play

Anal play is an exciting and pleasurable experience with a variety of different toys to assist! No matter what sensations you're looking to stimulate, there's an option to please. But before you dive in, it's important to remember the following so you can make the most out of your anal play.

Lube, lube, and more lube!

Lubrication is a fantastic way to enhance sensations during play. It's important to remember that lube is necessary for safe and pleasurable anal play. You know your own body, so there's no such thing as too much lube - just go with what feels right!

Start off small!

Start off with fingers and work your way up to an anal toy. This will ensure that you are ready for the size and that there's no pain during play. Anal should be taken slowly and with consideration to your body. If you're looking for more tips or advice before you dive into anal play, be sure to take a look at our guide.


Toys to start with:

First, lets take a look at some fantastic anal toys that cater to those looking to get started in anal play...




Anal Adventures Platinum - Silicone Loop Plug - Small

This plug has a tapered tip that gradually increases in size for easy insertion. It features a sturdy firm ring at the base for safety and easy removal. Body-safe and easy to clean, this plug is perfect for a beginner in anal play.






Anal Adventures Platinum - Silicone Loop Plug Kit

This kit has 3 tapered plug sizes to move up from small to large and achieve a comfortable stretch! All feature a sturdy firm ring at the base for safety and easy removal. This is perfect if you're looking to move up from a small size and want a comfortable way to move up with the same, beloved shape. All are made with body-safe silicone and are phthalate free and easy to clean.




Anal Adventures Platinum - Small Anal Beads

The Small Anal Beads' three beads will curve with your body, while the anchor base rests comfortably between your cheeks. These are perfect to experience new anal sensations and a massaging experience alongside your anal exploration.





Toys for new sensations:

These toys are perfect to add some extra sensation to your anal play when you're ready to explore more. Whether it's toys that vibrate or toys with a playful, fantasy edge... These are sure to delight.




Anal Adventures Platinum - Rabbit Tail Plug

The Rabbit Tail Plug lets you show off that tail, with a smooth tapered shape for easy insertion and removable faux-fur pom for easy cleaning. The Ultrasilk™ Silicone, with its silky smooth feel, warms with your body heat and is body-safe and phthalate free.






Anal Adventures Platinum - Circuit Plug

This remote-controlled plug offers a combination of sensations and longer-lasting pleasure. 10 powerful functions that deliver vibrations, gyration, and rotating beads to optimize sensations during use. Waterproof, powerful, and ready to play.





Anal Adventures Platinum - Cock Ring Plug

With each thrust of your hips, the Silicone Cock Ring Plug moves back and forth to massage your prostate. The attached cock ring can be placed around the shaft, balls, or both for lasting performance. Body-safe and easy to clean, this cock ring plug is a unique way to delight in multiple sensations.