Top 10 Benefits Of Masturbation

Top 10 Benefits Of Masturbation

Now that Masturbation May is here it’s time we talk about masturbation and all the amazing benefits! When most people think of masturbation they often think of orgasms. The big “O” is a great reason to indulge in a bit of self-pleasure, but it’s far from the only benefit that masturbation brings! You’ll be pleased (pun-intended) to find that there are many other benefits to enjoying a little bit of solo play.

1.) Unlocks Your Libido 

If you masturbate more, studies have shown that you are most likely to be more sexually driven. Masturbation does a wonderful job of helping you discover what you enjoy the most. When you share that with your partner, it connects you both further and helps your sex life!

2.) Helps You Find Your Sexual Confidence

When we masturbate and discover what we enjoy and want, it makes it easier to share it with your partner! That private time with yourself is perfect for indulging in new sensations and toys you may be too shy to try with your partner around. Confidence comes with practice!

3.) Promotes Better Sleep

When you orgasm you release endorphins that give you a natural high! They make you feel good and in turn, relaxed and sleepy. Giving yourself a good orgasm right before bed can help you reach that deeper, more restful sleep and calm your mind. All that wound-up energy is released and your muscles relax after orgasm, so snuggle up!

4.) Helps Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Masturbating on your period may sound like the last thing that you want to do, but it does have some benefits! Some research suggests that you can relax the pelvic muscles after you orgasm, which works to improve cramps! Some women also have increased arousal during their periods so if that resonates with you, this may be a recipe for relaxation!

5.) Provides An Escape From Stress

Opening up a good sexy book and your favorite toy is a great way to disappear from what troubles you. Whether it’s the stress of the world or an overwhelming to-do list, taking some time for your self-care can help turn off your mind and benefit your body at the same time! Light a candle, play some music, and set the scene for yourself.

6.) Helps You Stay Fit

Masturbation is our favorite type of cardio. When you masturbate, your muscles relax and blood flow is improved. Beyond that, it also lowers heart rate and blood pressure! All of this is wonderful for your body and your mind, giving it a much-needed stretch whenever you desire!

7.) Boosts Your Mood

Happiness in a vibe? Yes! The feel-good hormones released when we orgasm help put us in a better mood. It also lifts the perception of pain, causing a mini-euphoria that we get to enjoy! Reduce your cortisol levels and enjoy some pleasure at the same time.

8.) Promotes Relaxation

If you are someone who has high anxiety and has a hard time relaxing, masturbation can help! Pleasure helps you step away from the stress and enjoy something else for a bit. Afterward, those same hormones help ease your muscles and give you that boost of happiness. It’s the perfect little massage!

9.) Bonding Experience

Masturbation can bring you and your partner together by becoming a couple activity! Masturbate in front of each other to build the tension and edge before you connect in the bedroom. Not only can this build sexual confidence with each other, but you can learn ways that your partner loves to be touched and pleasured that you hadn’t known before!

10.) Helps You Heal

Masturbation gives you complete control over what you are doing and where you are doing it. This control can help you feel better about approaching sex and pleasure, or give you the full freedom to explore your pleasure without ever having someone else involved. 

By creating a comfortable and inviting environment (with a lot of lube!), you not only enhance the physical experience but also show yourself love and care. Embracing this practice as a form of self-care can have a positive impact on your overall well-being and sexual satisfaction. So, indulge in the journey of self-discovery and pleasure, knowing that taking care of yourself in this way is a powerful act of self-love.