Make Your 420 Trippy With Limited Addiction Vibes

Make Your 420 Trippy With Limited Addiction Vibes

420 is swiftly approaching and for all the cannabis users out there - this holy day is one to celebrate! It’s the perfect day to embrace some self-love, self-care, and the best selection of your favorite snacks.

The Blush Limited Addiction collection was curated to help bring your 420 to the next level with powerful vibrations and incredible pleasure! But these powerful vibrators help with your smoke sesh in more ways than you may be aware of.  

420 and Pleasure Go Hand-in-Hand

Studies have shown that the compound within weed that makes the user feel high (THC) works through the endocannabinoid system where it matches up with receptors in the brain. When it does, it releases happy chemicals like dopamine and other endorphins that leave us feeling rewarded.  

Dopamine is also released when we orgasm! These happy chemicals help relax our body, battle stress and anxiety, and even help with sleep. Enjoying cannabis also eases our muscles and relaxes the body for pleasure exploration. This could potentially help you enjoy your solo or partnered play even more and be open to trying new sensations you may not otherwise explore! 

Powerful and Psychedelic New Vibrators

The Limited Addiction collection has several sleek and colorful choices to pick from. They have our RumboTech™ rumbly, powerful motor and 10 vibration choices to navigate anywhere you desire. These vibrators can be used by anyone and are perfect for solo or partnered exploration. Beyond that, they are IPX7 waterproof and USB rechargeable so nothing is stopping you from enjoying. 

These sleek vibes can also be used with most harnesses and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand (and between bodies during sex!) Their colorful, magical design is wonderful for embracing the 420 mindset and getting groovy. 

Ways to Enjoy During 420

  1.  Take a relaxing shower or bath! The Limited Addiction vibes are entirely waterproof, so they’re the perfect companion in the shower or bath with you after you’ve enjoyed your edible or smoke sesh! 
  2.  An aftercare experience! Is your aftercare language snacking? Many people find that a sweet treat after orgasm is the perfect way to round out the experience - even more so when you’re a bit stoned! Smoke, play, snack! 
  3.  Try an erogenous zone massage! When we smoke weed, our bodies feel a bit more sensitive. Use your Limited Addiction vibrator to trail across your erogenous zones and enjoy both a massage and a teasing experience to get you ready for more play! 
  4.  Not feeling like masturbation? Have yourself a relaxing smoke and put the powerful vibe on a table on the fastest setting. The little guy will bounce and dance its way across the table in a way that is sure to make you giggle. Match up two of them and get the races going! Maybe the winner gets the honor of playing with you. 

Disclaimer: The content provided is for informational purposes only and not intended as medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider before making decisions regarding the use of cannabis, which is subject to legal restrictions and varies by jurisdiction.