5 Amazing Ways to Incorporate Sex Toys in the Bedroom

5 Amazing Ways to Incorporate Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Sex toys are incredible tools in the bedroom and there are so many different ways they can be utilized with your partner to gain pleasure and a better connection. It’s not just about obtaining an orgasm and oftentimes toys can be used in different ways to obtain entirely separate benefits from pleasure! 

But first, it’s important that you and your partner know that toys are not a replacement, they are a teammate! Be sure to have a conversation about bringing sex toys into the bedroom with each other before jumping in to using toys with each other. 

1: Using Sex Toys for Massage

Sex toys don’t have to be used on erogenous zones only to gain a benefit. The powerful wand vibrators you might already be familiar with are perfect for an all-over body massage. 

Exploring your body with a vibrator in a relaxed setting can allow you to let go of stress and better focus on the situation at hand and your connection with your partner. Whether you’ve had a stressful week or you’re sore, a powerful and rumbly massager is perfect to embrace the end of the week. We recommend either the Palm Sense, a two-motor massager (fit with our incredible Rumble Tech motors!) that fits perfectly in the hand for an entire body massage, or the Dual Sense, a powerful body massager with ​​Skin Sense™ technology that turns off when it’s removed from the skin (assisting with discreet play) it also doubles as a penetrable!  

2: Using Sex Toys for Foreplay Only

Sex toys are easy to use as a form of foreplay. Whether it’s edging throughout the day in anticipation of sex later, or to get things started - there’s a little something for everyone and many options to choose from. 

Next time you know you’re going to hook up with your partner, use a toy to tease yourself throughout the day and see how powerful that final orgasm can be! Toys are also fabulous to bring in if you find that you have decreased sensitivity (due to aging, medication, or otherwise) and need a little help getting started. 

3: Using Sex Toys as Sensory Tools

These powerful and versatile toys are here to introduce new sensations in the bedroom and sensory play is a fantastic place to explore! Products like blindfolds can allow you to shut out some other senses and focus in on the here and now with your partner. There are also items like Wax Drip Candles that bring temperature play into your sensation exploration. It’s all about new temperatures, feelings, and isolating the senses to whatever level you are comfortable. 

If you’re looking to further explore sensory tools, we also recommend diving into contact play. Spanking is a wonderful way to keep contact with your partner and also feel out new sensations like light pain play. There are countless different spankers that you can try that provide different feelings, whether it’s a thud, slap, or sting! 

When using gags or any tools that might prohibit your ability to speak, always make sure to confirm a non-verbal safe word with your partner before play. 

4: Roleplaying with Sex Toys

Sex toys are also able to enhance your role plays in the bedroom! Items like feather dusters, handcuffs, and even wieldable dildo swords allow you to further the fantasy in your mind and in your actions. 

These accessories not only can be used for pleasure, but they can help take your outfit to the next level and may even make it easier to act the part! 

Remember, if you’re looking to start roleplaying in the bedroom take a look at our guide here

5: For the BIG O! 

Last and certainly not least, sex toys can help with that final orgasm! Whether it’s a new sensation that brings you to the final step, or perhaps using a toy during penetration for both partner’s to feel - whatever your desire, there’s a toy that can fit it!

If you’re starting toys for the first time, make sure that you introduce something small at first like a new lubrication, handcuffs, or a massage oil. This can help ease the way for other toys in the future if you decide to try! Toys are perfectly normal to use, healthy to use, and can assist in so many ways whether it’s mentally or physically in the bedroom.

Embrace toys and have a BLAST!