Which is Better - Battery or Rechargeable Vibes?

Which is Better - Battery or Rechargeable Vibes?

Q: “Which is better, battery operated or rechargeable vibes?”

A: Both battery-operated and rechargeable vibes have their own advantages! It all depends on your budget and preferences.

Battery Operated

Battery-operated toys allow you to not have to worry about remembering to recharge—if your vibe runs out of power mid-play session, just insert new batteries and keep going. Plus, you don’t have to keep track of charging cords.

Here are some popular battery operated vibes by Blush:


Rechargeable vibes, though, are appealing because they can be stronger than battery-operated toys—perfect for the fan of powerful vibrations. With these toys, you also don’t have to buy replacement batteries. USB charging makes powering up your rechargeable vibe easier than ever, either through (1) a USB adapter plus wall outlet or (2) any electronic device with a USB port. Just remember to recharge before a longer playtime, and you’re good to go.

Blush toys featuring rechargeable vibes include:

So how do you choose?

It's up to you and your personal preferences. Talk to a salesperson at your local retail store to find the best Blush toys to suit your needs and spending budget.