What is Sensa Feel®?

What is Sensa Feel®?

What makes it feel so real?

Sensa Feel® is a proprietary engineering technique that creates the ultra-realistic sex toys Blush is famous for.

When playing, you’ll find the soft outer layer and firm inner core of Sensa Feel® toys create a cushion that may make penetration easier, the shaft will move with the curves of your body, and your toy will return to its original shape with the release of each stroke. Close your eyes and hold these dual density, soft-to-the-touch dildos and vibes in your hands and you’ll have a hard time distinguishing them from a true erect penis.

Sensa Feel® technology has been utilized throughout Neo Elite and with select Avant toys in hand-poured, nonporous, platinum cured silicone. It is also used in our Neo and XX collections in hand-poured, nonporous PVC. Finally, you’ll experience Sensa Feel® technology in our bestselling Au Naturel® toys, in our unique compound of body safe TPE.

All three Sensa Feel® materials are third party, independently lab tested and have proven to be body safe and free of phthalates, latex, fragrance, and chlorinated paraffins.

Have a highly sensual experience and create the level of friction that suits you by pairing your Sensa Feel® toy with a quality waterbased lube.  Extend the life of your toy by washing it with gentle soap and water. Allow it to air dry. To maintain the smooth, matte texture you may choose to powder your toy with pure corn starch.