Foreplay For Your Brain + Your Body

Foreplay For Your Brain + Your Body

Laughing is the purest expression of joy, and we all need as much joy as we can get these days.  We spend so much time each day consuming media and content that make our lips turn upwards and our bellies erupt with vibrations of laughter.  If you’re wondering whether taking that free spirit into the bedroom is a no-no, we’re here to tell you otherwise.  

We take ourselves so seriously the whole day, it’s ok to let loose and be silly in the bedroom.  Sex Educator Tawney Seren explains, “laughter creates more neuropathways in our brain that assist with us feeling pleasure and sensation without as much effort.”  And that means that the more relaxed you are the easier it is to get off. 


There are so many ways to keep it light and fun in the bedroom with your partner


  • Being able to express oneself freely with laughter during a time of intimacy is a sign of comfort and relationship depth. The most important thing is to be open and communicative with your partner.


  • Pleasure is a powerful type of joy— so let it be joyful! Society conditions us that sex needs to just be seriously sultry, and that’s a wild amount of pressure to put on people.  Sex should be whatever consensually feels good to you and your partner. 


  • Performance anxiety is a real concern, and giggles shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack or critique! Tawney adds, “Laughing with your partner shows how connected you two are and not put too much pressure on the act and performance.”


  • Roll the dice or play a sexy card game to find your next position.  Interactive games can lead you down the path of new discovery between you and your partner by lightly encouraging you to try new things.  


  • Turn up that new ‘getting down + dirty’ playlist you just made to set the mood.  Maybe some 80’s rock or 90’s R&B tickles your fancy.  Whatever you choose to DJ, we’re sure the beats will accompany whatever other sounds are coming from the bedroom, nicely. 


  • Explore pet names with your partner and let your imagination run wild.  Secret nicknames with your partner lets you take the playfulness out of the bedroom and into text messages and notes.  


Allowing our bodies to connect and feel is an integral part of sex, and laughing is a natural phenomenon.  Keep it real in the bedroom, your partner isn't having sex with a robot so it’s ok to humanize the experience with expression!