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USB Cable Replacement for Hop, Noje, and some Sola Products

SKU: CH-00030

  • 3 Foot Cable Length
  • Compatible with All Of Blush's Products in the Hop and Noje Product Lines
  • Compatible with the Following Sola Products: Cue: SL-02102, Jett: SL-04100, Hop: SL-07100
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Play on the Go!

Product Description

USB Cable Replacement is compatible with all Hop Products: BL-23600, BL-23608, BL-33601, BL-33609, BL-43600, BL-43608, BL-53601, BL-53609, BL-63602, & BL-63608. All Noje Products: BL-76120, BL-76121, BL-76122, BL-76220, BL-76221, BL-76222, BL-76330, BL-76331, BL-76332, BL-76420, BL-76421, & BL-76422. Also compatible with the following Sola Products: Cue: SL-02102, Jett: SL-04100, Hop: SL-07100.
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Color: White

Material: N/A

Length (Inches): insertable , 39.5

Circumference (Inches):

Warranty: None

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