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Temptasia Nipple Cylinders Set of 2 Clear Pump

SKU: BL-09711

  • Nterchange System Compatible. Perfomance & Temptasia Pumps & Accessories In Our Nterchange Systems are Compatible
  • Set of 2 Clear Cylinders
  • Quick Release Detachable And Compatible with Temptasia Pumps
  • Replace And Upgrade - BL-68368, BL-68358 Temptasia Nipple Pump Systems
  • SIZE - 1 Inch Inner Diameter

Product Description

Temptasia Nipple Pumping Cylinders are compatible and interchangeable with other Temptasia pumps and accessories. In use with a quality pump, they'll bring temporary engorgement and heightened sensitivity to your nipples. The cylinders are crystal-clear for easy viewing, plus detachable if you are seeking to hold the suction while you play. These cylinders, 1" inner diameter, are a larger-than-average size. Made of body safe acrylic, Temptasia Cylinders are easy to use and easy to clean.
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Color: Clear

Material: Acrylic

Length (Inches): insertable , 1

Circumference (Inches): 3.14

Warranty: 30 Days

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