Our Founder's Story

At the heart of Blush is a story of perseverance, passion, and the pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream. Our founders Verna Meng and Eric Lee have been partners in business and life for over 19 years. Blush has become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry thanks to their combined yet unique strengths. Verna serves as the structured business mind whereas Eric leads as the creative visionary. 

Eric Lee has always had a creative passion for technical design that improves product functionality. Throughout his journey, he found himself taking an interest in sexual wellness products due to the recognized lack of integrity within product design and material. Eric wanted to create a real impact and he knew he needed to start at the source. Most companies were not making products that were made of high-quality body-safe materials. 

Meanwhile, Verna Meng was discovering and establishing her business acumen. While overcoming challenges as a young woman, she persisted and developed an entrepreneurial talent for business. She worked diligently to sharpen her skills and refine her knowledge, building on her ambitious determination. Through her leadership, she continually found success while empowering diverse teams and advancing her expertise. 

Then, Verna and Eric met in 2006, and they landed on an opportunity to explore the world of pleasure products. This propelled their growing business knowledge, identifying the true potential of this venture. Together, they founded Blush, currently holding our place as one of the most recognized sexual wellness brands in the adult toy industry. They both worked tirelessly to build a vertically integrated business model. Blush stands out as a well-respected brand due to our commitment to exceeding industry standards and ensuring quality control from the source. Blush has become an innovative leader, with over 50 product lines distributed across North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia - reinforcing that alongside every strong man is an even stronger woman. 

Our founders continuously take pride in the Blush mission to enhance intimacy with thoughtful products designed to celebrate all bodies, genders, and sexual orientations.