Masturbation is One Radical Act of Self Love

Masturbation is One Radical Act of Self Love

The first time that you ever touch yourself or discover masturbation, it can be extremely empowering. You are in the driver’s seat, taking complete control over yourself and what it is that you like. The first time is liberating, and changes you as a person. Masturbating can be a beautiful thing; one radical act of self love, because you deserve it. You are beautiful. 

A lot of times, especially for women, masturbation is portrayed as this dirty thing that we should all keep a secret. As if we do it and we’re destined to amount to nothing in our lives. What if we changed that narrative? What if through masturbation, we took our power back? Masturbation at its core is simply self love, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Self love through self care equals self empowerment and liberation. 

It’s also no secret that a lot of us struggle with body image and loving the skin we’re in. According to Do Something, 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies and feel uncomfortable with them. The struggle with loving your body can be a hard one; we live in a world where unrealistic beauty standards are set for us each day, and yet we’re expected to be confident in our bodies, work out constantly, and eat a perfect diet 24/7. As a result, this societal pressure can cause a disconnect between us and our bodies, that causes us to feel uncomfortable in them. So, what if there was a way to reconnect with your body and love them again?

That’s what’s beautiful about masturbation. Masturbating, especially sex toys and the like, gives you the tools to reconnect with your body in a way you never have before, and no one else can. You take control, discover what you like, and your mind, body, and soul come together in those delicate moments. You are beautiful. All bodies are beautiful and are worthy of taking up space in this world. When you masturbate, you can remind yourself of that. You’re allowed to feel beautiful. You deserve to love yourself, through one act of self care at a time. 

The link between masturbation and self love is not a new one, but there are a few benefits to masturbating that make this self care connection even stronger. Some are:


  • Stress reduction.
  • Better sleep.
  • Pelvic strength.
  • Lightens body pain and cramping/cramping muscles. 


With this in mind, you can trust that sex toys and masturbating always have your back. When you sleep better and relieve stress, you can allow yourself more space to show yourself a little bit of love and care. Loving the skin you're in is no easy task, but masturbating can bring you one step further towards it. Your body will feel tension release, and you can truly show yourself love that you deserve. Because you do, and always will. 

Likewise, masturbating can be extremely empowering. You are taking your power back; taking control of your body. Through masturbating, you redefine your relationship with your body. You are connecting your mind, body, and spirit together as one and saying that your body is beautiful and worthy of good things. Your body is worthy of love. Your body is lovely, and can take up space in this world. Feel empowered to be the amazing human you are, and allow yourself to let go of the standards that are forced upon you. Accepting yourself where you are at, and loving every inch of you along the way. 

Masturbation is one radical act of self love. By masturbating, you are telling yourself that you are absolutely beautiful. All bodies are good bodies. You take your power back, and allow yourself to simply be. Use of sex toys is sexually liberating, giving you the opportunity to flourish in your own unique way. Through touching yourself, you give your body a little TLC, and your mind a chance to love you exactly as you are. Because you’re pretty great.




Katiee McKinstry is a freelance writer and journalist based outside Atlanta, GA. She has five years of writing experience, covering topics such as Music, Astrology, Video Games, and Entertainment. In addition to BLUSH, she has bylines in MTV, Nerdist, Gayming Mag, and more. You can follow Katiee on all socials at @rosecafletic or through her website