Why Sex Toys Make a Great Gift!

Why Sex Toys Make a Great Gift!

Your eyes scan over the beautiful array of sex toys presented on the screen before you, wondering if this is a good idea. Sex toys bring joy, are practical, useful, and fun! So it would only make sense that they would be a fantastic gift for some of the people on your gift list. But as your hand hovers over the purchase button you feel the worry set in. Is this a good idea? Is this something they will enjoy, or will they think it's an inappropriate gift? It's not a traditional gift, sure, but perhaps those gifts are the best ones! 

Perhaps you are struggling to find the perfect gift for others in your life, finding a gift for a partner, or yourself. No matter the case, this is the best year to find something that brings comfort, self-love, and joy! Before you click the purchase button, however, it's important to understand who you are shopping for and why a sex toy may be the perfect gift!

5 Reasons to Gift a Sex Toy!

  1. Self Love - When we engage in masturbation, it's a type of self-care. We are showing ourselves pleasure and caring for our bodies.
  2. Brings Joy and Stress Relief - Orgasms release hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, which had been found to increase happiness and reduce stress! In a world where stress is an everyday occurrence, promoting this level of self-care has never been more important. Masturbation is also found to assist with sleep!
  3. Toys Help You Understand Your Body - Aside from toys feeling good, they also promote self-understanding in regards to pleasure. Whether learning more about yourself or how to articulate your needs in the bedroom, sex toys are a beautiful way to investigate.
  4. Discover New Pleasure - When we spend time with our own bodies and give ourselves a chance to learn what we love, it opens our eyes to other sensations we may not have otherwise investigated and new acts you may not have known you liked!
  5. Helps to Normalize Sex and Masturbation - Giving a sex toy as a gift helps normalize the conversation around sex with your loved ones and friends. Sex and masturbation are healthy and good for you, they do not need to be treated like taboo!

Things to Consider Before Gifting Sex Toys

Think about your relationship with the person - Is sex something you talk about with this individual, or is it something that makes them uncomfortable? Sexually frank conversations with friends and lovers are not always easy to come by, so it's important to consider this when making a purchase. If you are thinking of getting a sex toy for someone you can candidly talk sex with, you are on the right track! If sex is something they avoid speaking about at all costs, perhaps they are not the best person to gift a sex toy to.

What type of sex toy should you get them? - Unless you are incredibly intimate with the person you're looking to gift, it is difficult to know what toy would be perfect for them! All of our bodies and preferences are different. Are you adding a toy to their vast collection? Is this their first sex toy? Perhaps they have mentioned a type of toy or experience they wanted to obtain. If not, there are plenty of sex toys to choose from! Check out our Gift Giving Guide. Take size, appearance, and sensation into consideration when making your purchasing decisions.

Gifting sex toys will promote self-care, assists in normalizing masturbation, and is the perfect gift of pleasure for your loved ones! At a time where taking care of yourself needs to be a high priority, sex toys are there for you. So, whether it's a gift for yourself, a partner, or someone else entirely, don't be afraid to consider the benefits and press yes!