The Art of Edging – Techniques For Prolonging Pleasure Through Masturbation

The Art of Edging – Techniques For Prolonging Pleasure Through Masturbation

So often our minds are consumed by the orgasm and not the experience of pleasure that leads to that orgasm. But when we take time edging and building up that pleasure before the final event, we can unlock even more levels of sensations and far more powerful orgasms with our partners, or with ourselves!  

What is Edging?  

Edging is a technique for sex and masturbation that allows the one edging to have stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. This is perfect if you’re someone who has always wanted to last a bit longer in the bedroom, or wished to obtain even more pleasure during orgasm. Edging is a form of orgasm control. 

While you are edging, you bring yourself to the very ‘edge’ of an orgasm and then stop yourself (or your partner will stop you). This gives you space to touch yourself in different ways and still find pleasure even if you aren’t giving in to the desire for orgasm. Through practice and prolonging that orgasm, you ride the high of pleasure for longer, extending this amazing high that can often feel so fleeting. 
Techniques For Edging 

The Art of Communication 

If you are working with a partner, work on voicing your needs in the bedroom. Make it a teasing game to see the different ways they can get you close to orgasm, whether it’s with their mouth, hands, toys, or playing with themselves. Do it randomly throughout the day or repeatedly during one session, it’s about what feels best for you both! Beyond using a partner for edging, this can help you find your bedroom voice better.  

Don’t forget to discuss boundaries, expectations, and acts with your partner before diving in! Consent and conversation before trying something new are key to being able to explore it in a safe and pleasurable environment. Come up with a word to say if you’re close to climax to make edging even easier!  

Using Sex Toys 

Sex toys take edging to the next level. You can easily bring out these superpowered products at any point of the day to bring yourself to the edge. They’re often faster than our hands and more pleasurable. By the time you’re ready to finally orgasm or be with your partner, you’ll be more than prepared for fun!  

Get comfortable and start slow. The more you edge yourself, the easier it will be to notice your body’s cues and when to stop.  

Vibrators are an amazing toy to start with. Vibration can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their gender, and anywhere they desire. Beyond that, vibration is fabulous for encouraging blood flow and sensitivity, making it even easier to get aroused. 

Hands-Free Play 

Remote control toys offer a hands-free option for edging. Give the control to a partner and allow them to rule the vibrations, or put the toy in place and take the control into your own hands. Having a button that’s easy to press while you’re in the right position or close to orgasm is key for ensuring something turns off in time. In many ways, this can be more abrupt and easier to control than telling someone to slow down or stop when you’re close.  

Try edging while you are out on a date, across a dinner table from each other, or throughout the day while you are alone. However you choose to play, hands-free opens up a lot more flexibility and adventure to your play.  

The Ol’ Fashioned Way 

It doesn’t always have to be about the vibration and power. Try edging with your hands and take things slow. The build-up and connection with your body provide a beautiful way to edge, while also learning even more about what you like and what you can do for yourself.  

Get close and try slowing down, or stopping altogether. Then, begin playing slowly when you feel like you’ve relaxed a little bit. Some people prefer to take short breaks before touching themselves again, while others start right away. It’s all about delaying that grand climax. The longer you hold out, the more glorious it will be. 

Edging is for Everyone 

It’s important to understand that edging is what feels best to you! It’s a chance to explore your body and what you enjoy most. Whether you are alone or with a partner, there are a lot of benefits and a more powerful orgasm awaiting you!

Grab the lubrication, your favorite toy, and get to the edge!