Exploring the Worlds of ASMR and Sensory Play

Exploring the Worlds of ASMR and Sensory Play

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the ASMR YouTube videos or TikToks. This phenomenon has spread like wildfire, but there’s some real science behind the sensory power of ASMR! If you’re looking to get into sensory play, it can be a powerful path to satisfaction for yourself and your brain. 

What is ASMR? 

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. These are the ‘brain tingles’ that are derived from different sensory stimulants (more than often sound frequencies). When our brains respond to these sounds it can invoke a relaxed state and even alleviate stress! 

It’s often easiest to fully engage in ASMR when you’re listening to someone create the sounds. This can be while you are blindfolded to isolate the sound, with headphones, or however you enjoy exploring! There are also many cases in which ASMR is both an audio and visual preference for the one enjoying. Some of the most common sounds/visuals enjoyed in ASMR are:

  • Nails Tapping on Items
  • Whispering Close to the Ear
  • Drinking or Sloshing Liquids
  • Slowly Ripping Slips of Paper
  • Hair Brushing
  • Breaking Chips

Different Forms of Sensory Play

ASMR is often enjoyed in a non-sexual way for relaxation, but it’s also a form of sensory play. Sensory play can be enjoyed either alone, or with a partner, and there are so many ways to enjoy it! It’s a great way to turn off your mind, focus on your senses and pleasure, and can still help with full relaxation. 

Temperature Play 

Lighting a wax candle and dripping it slowly across the skin of your partner (or yourself) is a great way to play with heat. Only use a candle that is meant for the bedroom so you can ensure the wax is not so hot it burns your partner. There are many different candles that you can play with that offer different sensations and heat play! 

If you have metal or glass toys, you can easily run them under hot or cold water and they hold the temperature with ease. This makes it even easier to administer hot or cold play on yourself or a partner!

Interested in going cold? Grab an ice cube and trail it over the nipples and erogenous zones. It will be chilly, but many enjoy the surprise chill. Make sure to always move the ice and not focus on one area for too long - this is about pleasure, not discomfort (unless that’s your cup of tea and safe words are in play)! 

Sensory Deprivation

There are many different levels of this that you can enjoy with a partner! If you want to isolate sounds, put on a pair of headphones. You can either play music or cancel out sound as your partner navigates your body and surprises you!

Blindfolds can help isolate your sight and ballgags work to keep you from making sound. Whatever you decide to explore, taking away some of the senses forces us to use others and focus even more on what is being done and how it affects us. Being bound and then teased with a tickler, touch, or even vibration takes things to the next level! 

Enhancing The Senses

Playing music and lighting a delicious-smelling candle helps to set the mood and enhance your senses. When we are distracted by these scents or sounds that please us, it’s even easier to focus on the here and now. 

Make sure to set your scene for play in an area that doesn’t remind you of work or chores. Clean up the space so there’s nothing that you are forced to refocus on. This is all about connecting with yourself and your partner. 

Impact Play

Sensory play is wonderful for isolating the senses and allowing you to focus on your pleasure. In some cases, pain is a fun way to enhance pleasure. For those who enjoy power-play dynamics and spanking - impact tools have come into play. 

Floggers, paddles, and spankers give different experiences to the users. Impact can be slappy, thuddy, and stingy depending on what you decide to use and pain drives us back to the sensations we are feeling. 

It’s Time to Play! 

Remember to always have a safe word in effect with your partner when exploring sensory play. Having a non-verbal safe word as well is necessary for those who are experimenting with bondage play or sensory deprivation. 

We wish you so much fun in your exploration! Remember, sensory play can not only enhance pleasure but also relaxation.