Being Eco-Friendly Is Sexy

Being Eco-Friendly Is Sexy

When you think of being eco-friendly, your mind might wander to cleanup crews and recycling, and far away from the sexier side of things. In reality, there are quite a few ways you can be eco-friendly, and enjoy pleasure simultaneously!

Whether you’re looking for the best ways to honor Earth Day this year, or trying to get more creative with your routine, we're here to share a few ideas that are both environmentally responsible and sexy.

Take A Shower Together

Have a special someone you're intimate with? Save some water by sharing a shower together for a sudsy good time! Showering with each other can lead to a lot of fun and creative play. It also makes for easier clean up and less water being wasted.

It can be a challenging game to play, but a sexy way to connect and save a bit of water at the same time! 

Want to go the extra mile to be eco-friendly during your shower? Choose items that aren’t in a bottle! Shampoo bars, bars of soap, and body wash bars are great places to start minimizing waste.

Carpool With Your Crush

Perhaps they are someone from work that you like, or maybe it’s someone you have just started dating. Whatever the case, carpooling is a great way to be a little eco-friendly while enjoying some conversation with the person you enjoy. 

Run some errands with them or combine to-do lists to get the most out of the experience (aside from sitting next to your crush, of course). 

This not only allows you to spend quality time with others but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of cars on the road.

Turn Off The Lights

Pick a candle instead, or enjoy each other’s company in the dark! You’re saving energy by switching it off and giving yourself more of a chance to explore each other using other senses.

Lighting a candle can set the mood and create a sexy ambiance for connecting with your partner. Blow it out when you’re ready to get in bed with your partner and feel each other out beneath the sheets without the lights. 

Want to take things to the next level? Get a few LED lights for your bedroom so that even when using the lights, you’re using just a bit less energy! Make it fun and get some that change colors to set the mood! 

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Even your self-play can be eco-friendly! The Gaia by Blush line of sex toys contains powerful vibrators that were made with the earth (and your pleasure) in mind. These products will provide you with relief and comfort knowing they have less of a negative impact on the environment than conventional plastics. 

They are created with BioFeel™ and BioTouch™. BioFeel™ is Blush’s unique plant-based bioplastic, a polymer compound material mixed with plant-based materials. Because of the nature of its makeup, Biofeel™ is compostable at commercial compost centers. BioTouch™ is our proprietary version of natural rubber material. It meets strict mechanical and chemical requirements and is sturdy, but soft enough for our pleasure products.

Beyond how eco-friendly they are, the Gaia line is packed full of immensely powerful and beautiful products that will do wonders for your pleasure as you honor the earth. 

In the end, embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun or sensuality. Quite the opposite—it's about finding creative, sustainable ways to enhance your pleasure and deepen connections, all while doing your part for the planet. After all, who said saving the planet couldn't be sexy?