Embracing Toys for All Genders

Embracing Toys for All Genders

Sex toys are meant to enhance pleasure and encourage exploration and there are so many products that can be used by anyone, no matter their gender! It can be hard to spot them at first, but with a bit of imagination and further education, some of your favorites can be utilized to further enhance your solo and partnered play.

Beyond exploration, gendered marketing for certain sex toys can impact whether or not someone decides to give them a try! If the sex toy is advertised to cater to ‘women’ or ‘men’, that may stop you right in your tracks. Put the marketing message aside, it’s time to discover your new favorite sensations! 


First and foremost, vibration! Sex toys that vibrate are not just for those with vulvas. These vibrating toys like the Wellness Palm Sense can be used for a teasing massage anywhere on the body to further relax yourself or your partner. Beyond that, nipples are erogenous zones for anyone and a light vibration and teasing does wonders as foreplay, and in some cases can be powerful enough to give you an orgasm. 

Vibrators also feel fantastic when trailed along the shaft of a cock, beneath the scrotum, and around the head of the cock depending on the power of the vibrator. There are even some vibrating cock rings that can be added to a favorite dildo and enjoyed during masturbation if you want to explore dual stimulation and don’t have a penis. 

Getting a vibrator is the perfect way to explore a new sensation no matter your gender. A small, bullet vibrator can easily be used on the go, packed for travel, shared between partners (with proper cleaning), and used anywhere on the outside of your body (they are not anal safe). 

Anal Toys

Even if you don’t have a prostate, anal toys can be enjoyed by anyone! There are so many unique sensations that can be enjoyed anally and even more sex toys that cater to them! Whether you want to indulge in temperature play, vibration, thrusting, rocking, rimming sensations, or a simple anal toy - don’t limit your exploration! 

Make sure to use lots of lubrication if you’re engaging in anal play and if you’re a beginner, I recommend exploring a training kit where you can indulge in anal sensations without causing any potential discomfort. 

Anal toys are also pleasurable to use during intercourse or while utilizing a vibrator. Give it a try! 

Bondage Gear and Sensation Play Tools 

Don’t forget about the gear! There are hundreds of different products that can be used by anyone such as handcuffs, spanking products, restraint sets, ticklers, collars, and more! If you want to dive into BDSM and sensation play tools and don’t know where to start, I recommend taking a look at some of the products in the Safe Word kit! You can also give rope play a try if you want a more hands-on approach to a bondage power play dynamic. 

Products that are glass and silicone can be chilled or warmed and hold body temperature well. These can be used to practice and explore temperature play in the bedroom or during your solo exploration. Run them under warm water or cold and have fun! 

Beyond The Basics

If there’s a way that you want to use a sex toy, do so! They are not limited by genitals or gender and so many have varying uses that bring pleasure. In the end, it’s about what feels good to you and reclaiming your pleasure and ability to try new experiences and sensations. As long as you’re being safe, there should be no limit to how you enjoy your toys and how you enjoy yourself!